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Press Release: New radio drama targets vitamin A deficiency

June 17, 2013

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Farm Radio International is putting the power of radio drama to work in Uganda. This week marks the launch of My Children, a radio drama series that aims to convince farmers to replace traditional varieties of sweet potato with a more nutritious, orange-fleshed alternative. Ottawa, Canada – June 17, 2013 – Nearly…

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The Drama of the Radio Drama …

November 15, 2011

Small-scale farmers in Nigeria, particularly female farmers, are highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. In 2007, a project was initiated by the African Radio Drama Association (ARDA) in partnership with Farm Radio International and the University of Guelph with support from the Climate Change Adaptation in Africa Program supported by IDRC and the…

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Audio postcard: How to write a successful radio drama

September 19, 2014

Tony Mushoborozi, 34, is a script writer from Kigezi, Uganda. He is currently working on a mental health radio drama to be aired on radio stations nationwide in Tanzania to help tackle the stigma associated with mental illness. He is also the writer and creative force behind the successful My Children radio drama in Uganda, which highlighted the…

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Challenging household gender roles in Burkina Faso

June 15, 2023

Pascal Sawadogo used to get upset at his wife if she didn’t finish her chores. After participating in a radio series, the Burkinabe farmer decided to instead lend her a helping hand.

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Radio dramas captivate listeners and promote gender equality in Burkina Faso

November 24, 2021

Radio dramas are promoting the rights of women and girls in Western Burkina Faso and empowering them to become active leaders and decision makers.

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Press Release: Made-in-Uganda technology launches radio soap opera into interactive radio space

June 26, 2013

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Listen, vote, and eat better Farm Radio International (FRI) is working with Uganda’s TRAC FM and HarvestPlus to give farmers a powerful voice in their futures. Listeners of a recently launched radio drama series can now engage with broadcasters in real time, bringing interactive radio and listener participation to a whole new…

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Counting on cassava

October 31, 2013

In many parts of Africa, cassava is one of the most important crops for small-scale farmers. Farmers have come to rely on the carbohydrate-rich tuber because it tolerates dry conditions well, can be stored in the ground for a long time and provides an essential source of energy-rich food for their families. Because of these…

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A five-part drama for radio broadcasters that discusses gender and beans

A five-part drama for radio broadcasters that discusses gender and beans

March 6, 2018

Women around the world face similar challenges, which are being brought to light in the #metoo era. Women in African villages are also confronted with spousal abuse, sexual assault, and sexism on the farm and in the workplace. They are expected to take on both home and childcare duties, as well as the additional burden…

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An outdoor focus group sitting discussing the mental health project

Audio postcard: Focus group brings youth together to share insights on mental health in Malawi

November 29, 2013

Hi there, My there, my name is Stephen Sherman. I am an intern with Farm Radio Trust in Malawi. Farm Radio Trust is a strategic partner of Farm Radio International. For this audio postcard, I chose a picture of an outdoor focus group conducted at Chinsapo Secondary School in Lilongwe. [Located on the Lilongwe River, Lilongwe is…

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In a recording studio a man reclines in his chair reading a script while wearing headphones.

Audio postcard: Malawian broadcasters explore mental health through storytelling

July 29, 2013

Hello, I’m Sara Frizzell, an intern with Farm Radio in Malawi. Last week I went down to Blantyre, the country’s commercial capital. I was meeting up with the producer of the radio drama component of the mental health program. This photo was taken as he’s busy recording a demo episode of the drama. He will…

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