Aid for agriculture: Calling on Canada to invest in small-scale farmers

Photo by Jesse Winter

Farm Radio International has joined forces with several other organizations to encourage Canada to make a big new investment in small-scale farming.  Our proposal includes 10 approaches related to agriculture that will help Canada reach many of its development goals.  

Aid4Agriculture infographic

As part of the Aid4Agriculture coalition, we recommend that Canada make a signature investment of $2.5 billion over five years to support sustainable agriculture and climate change adaptation for small-scale farmers — especially women.

Through appropriate aid investments in sustainable agriculture, Canada can stimulate clean and inclusive economic growth and take immediate action on climate change. Economic growth from agricultural development is at least twice as effective at reducing poverty as growth from other sectors, and climate resilient agriculture helps farmers adapt today while reducing emissions for tomorrow. Indeed, clean and inclusive economic growth, as well as meaningful action on climate change, are not viable without a sustainable agricultural development strategy.

A strong Canadian investment would recognize the important role of women as food producers and support them in ensuring their full economic and social inclusion.

Rural women produce half of the world’s food and, in developing countries, up to 80 percent of food crops. Equality for women in agriculture would boost the economy, strengthen climate resilience, preserve and enhance ecosystems, increase yields, and improve food security and nutrition. It’s time for a strong Canadian investment to recognize the important role of women as food producers and support them in ensuring their full economic and social inclusion.

A renewed investment by Canada in agriculture should focus on small-scale farmers, who are among the world’s poorest and most marginalized people, and are especially vulnerable to climate change. Targeted initiatives with these farmers will have the greatest development impact.

Canada can support women as change-makers who transform their communities and countries. Canada can help address food security in a more uncertain climate. Canada can help build a more peaceful, prosperous and secure world that will reduce long-term reliance on humanitarian aid.

Canada can support these goals through a signature investment in sustainable agriculture.

Learn more about our proposal and download the policy report here.

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