Annual Report

Explore this year's digital extras.

What's a digital extra?

We're incredibly proud of our annual report — but more than the document itself, we are incredibly proud of the work that it is reporting on. After all, in 2022-2023 we reached: 

24.1 million listeners,
4.8 million of whom improved their practices thanks to
778 broadcasters who were trained in interactive radio programs in 
38 countries.

But we couldn't possibly consolidate all of our work into a 28-page report. So we put together a selection of digital extras to add to the report — all of which we've linked to on this page. They hopefully provide a bigger window into what we do and the people we work with and more explanations about the different things that we do. We'll refer to the page numbers throughout so that, as you're flipping through, you can find out which page connects to which part. 

Happy exploring! 


2022-2023 Year in Review: a heartfelt message from Kevin and Jean


By the Numbers

Learn how we get our numbers

We use advanced mapping techniques to determine our reach and listenership numbers. 

This clickable map shows where we have radio partners

We work closely with our network partners across the continent to do network-based programming.


What we do 

Meet one of our project officers, Rosetta.

Get an idea of how she works in and with different communities.


Agriculture and Food Security

Meet Blessing, from Nigeria

Learn about agriculture's impact on poverty.


Environment and Climate Change

Green initiatives in Farm Radio offices

Learn what our staff are doing to help the environment.


On air for gender-inclusive nature-based solutions

What farmers have to say about climate change

Learn about the results of our 2022 On Air Dialogues on climate change.



Listen to a radio drama

In a drama we run as part of the INVEST project we meet Asantewaa. Asantewaa has completed senior high school and needs to get an activity to occupy her time. But her family is conflicted about the choice of occupation they deem fit for her.


Radio Solutions and Radio Approaches

Meet some of the Farm Radio staff in Uganda and Ghana!

Meet Brenda, Princess and Laila and hear about some of their highlights from the past year. 


Public health and vaccine communication at scale

Hear what they heard

Listen to some of the various examples of COVID-19 prevention and vaccine confidence programming aired by many of our different partners. 


Green Leaf Platform

Meet a broadcaster running a Green Leaf Magazine

A short profile about the work Royals FM is doing with Farm Radio International.


On AIr Dialogues

Hear what rural people told us about climate change

Listen to the voices of rural Africans as they share their thoughts about climate change in their communities.


Public engagement

Canada has a role in tackling information poverty

Read our op-ed featured in The Hill Times.


The Farm Radio Awards


Financial Summary

Read our audited financial statements

A photo of an old radio

Help radio go even further next year