Audio postcard: Announcing 500 radio partners!

A radio broadcaster interviews farmers

We just passed an important milestone! Farm Radio International now has more than 500 radio broadcasting partners in 38 countries across sub-Saharan Africa. This means that over 500 radio stations, and organizations using radio, are benefiting from services we offer. These services include radio scripts on agricultural and development topics and online training courses that help broadcasters develop high-quality radio programs for farmers. They also include Barza, our social networking site for African rural radio broadcasters and Farm Radio Weekly, our weekly news bulletin that provides news stories important to small-scale farmers. The more stations we reach and develop relationships with, the more farmers that are able to listen to improved agricultural programs.

This photo is one of my favourites. I took it when I first started working at Farm Radio International back in 2005. I was visiting different stations in Uganda. Anthony Lwanga from Kagadi Kibaale Community Radio, or KKCR, is interviewing several farmers about issues they face. Since that photo was taken, Anthony and other station staff from KKCR have been involved in several projects with Farm Radio International. Anthony’s dedication to producing radio programs of value to his farming audience is one of the reasons why he was among the winners selected to receive the George Atkins Communications Award last year.

Anthony is one of many passionate radio broadcasters that we work with and whose radio programs are improving the lives of farmers and their families. And now that we’ve passed the milestone of 500 broadcasting partners, our next goal is to keep growing and to reach 1,000!

About the author
Blythe McKay has been working at Farm Radio International since 2005. She became passionate about radio while carrying out her MSc in Rural Extension Studies at the University of Guelph where her thesis focused on the role community radio played in the lives and livelihoods of people in a fishing village in Ghana.  At Farm Radio International she manages several projects and services offered to broadcasters such as Barza, Farm Radio Weekly, and the Farm Radio Resource Packs.

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