Audio postcard: Radio and ICT – a miracle in fighting poverty

My name is Harriet Adong. I work at Farm Radio International Uganda in Kampala as a field officer. My involvement in the processes of implementation, monitoring and evaluation of FRI projects in Uganda has enabled me to interact with women and men farmers, particularly in the listening communities of partner radio stations in Uganda.

Recently I conducted a monitoring visit to Kibaale Kagadi Community Radio (KKCR) to see the progress of a participatory radio campaign (PRC) and listener clubs.

The KKCR PRC deals with quality protein maize (QPM), which is also known as Longe 5. It is climate smart and nutrition sensitive. It was chosen by communities, researchers and district extension service providers. These stakeholders developed a campaign plan which guides the 16-week broadcast.

With the PRC in the decision phase, interactions with communities have shown that there is readiness to grow quality-protein maize. More farmers, especially women, listening to the radio campaign are looking for seed and preparing their fields, waiting for the rain. I’m sure that maize production will help improve both household income and the nutritional status of families.

In this picture, the chairperson and members of the Nyabugando Women’s Listener Club are being oriented on the use of a wind-up radio which will help the club listen to recorded campaigns and hence provide continuous listenership for women with limited access to radio. The listening club will also send feedback to the radio station on the broadcasted radio programs.

I confess that radio and ICT combined can make a miracle in fighting poverty.

Best regards,

Harriet Adong

To learn more about the project featured in this audio postcard, which is made possible through the generous support of Irish Aid, please see the project page

About the author
Harriet Adong is a field officer for Farm Radio International in Uganda. She interacts with farmers in listening communities to check farmers’ interest in, and adoptions of, the innovations promoted through broadcasts by partner radio stations.

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  1. Fazel Asmal on September 13, 2013 at 5:05 pm

    Very nice sound postcard from the sister in Uganda. So well spoken. Well done!


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