Audio postcard: Ugandan broadcasters reflect on winning the George Atkins Communications Award

Named after the founder of Farm Radio International, the George Atkins Communications Award recognizes rural radio broadcasters for their outstanding commitment and contribution to food security and poverty reduction in low-income countries. This year, two of the three winners are at Kagadi Kibaale Community Radio in Uganda. FRI’s Patrick Roberts recently met up with Anthony Lwanga and Ismael Kasooha to discuss what winning this award means to them. Here is what they had to say.

Anthony Lwanga

I work with Kagadi Kibaale Community Radio, KKCR 91.7 FM, the first true community radio established in Uganda and East Africa.

I have been associated with Farm Radio International since the year 2002. I was by then the agricultural reporter and I was in charge of agricultural programming. I was surprised that I had been selected among the winners of the George Atkins Awards Communications Award for this year.

I, as the station manager, was recognized for my effort especially in creating and leading a team that is going to create social change and social transformation.

And then my fellow, one of my co-workers, Ismael Kasooha, was recognized for the promotion of agricultural programming through Kagadi Kibaale Community Radio.

Ismael Kasooha

Winning the George Atkins Communications Award showed that my work as a journalist, as a presenter, as a broadcaster is being recognized for doing quality programs that have transformed the farmers. And this is an encouragement. It is out of personal commitment; you look at something, you have to push yourself. And indeed the award shows that what we have been doing, the training that we gone through have had fruits to bear.

And so that is clear testimony to show that when you’re committed and you do the work putting service above self, sure you’ll have results and you’ll be doing everything very fantastic.

The award is an inspiration to continue doing more programs.

About the author
Patrick Roberts is the editor of Farm Radio Weekly, one of Farm Radio International’s many online resources for broadcasters and journalists. It is published every Monday and provides information and inspiration for farm radio broadcasters, journalists, and agricultural development staff across Africa.

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