Audio Postcard: Women and land grabs in Ghana

Lydia Ajono, director of Radio Gurune and FRI broadcast partner, conducts a field interview with Amina Bukari, a rice and vegetable farmer from Gowrie village, as part of designing a farm radio programme in Bolgatanga, in the Upper East region of Ghana. Amina is inherited land from her late father but cannot farm on it because she is a female and since married is living in a different community. Lydia Ajono was a successful participant in the Commonwealth of Learning (COL)-supported distance course developed and run by Farm Radio International in 2012 on developing a regular farmer program. Lydia’s was one of the top programme designs created over the 12-week course. — with Lydia Ajono in Bolgatanga, Upper East.

Learn more about the Farmer Program eCourse here:…ams-for-farmers/

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  1. […] Radios Rurales Internationales a émis une « carte postale audio » qui parle des femmes et des accaparements de terres, au Ghana. Vous pouvez la télécharger et l’écouter ( en anglais seulement) en cliquant sur ce lien: […]

  2. […] Farm Radio International has issued an “audio postcard,” which touches on women and land grabs in Ghana. You can download and listen to it by clicking on this link: […]


Get our latest news and stories.