Barza Wire celebrates 10 years


We have been producing resources for radio broadcasters since 1979. These include scripts and agricultural fact sheets that radio broadcasters can use on air.

But 10 years ago we also started producing Barza Wire, an online agricultural news service that shares stories for and about small-scale farmers in Africa.

These stories are published weekly and can be used by radio broadcasters as they develop programming for their farm radio shows. They inform and inspire radio broadcasters’ work.

In 10 years we have produced 450+ issues. This is more than 1,000 stories that have small-scale farmers at the centre of the story: discussing challenges, successes, and, most importantly, the innovations of farmers.

We share Barza Wire with 4,000 subscribers, most of whom live in sub-Saharan Africa.

Thanks to our writers, editors, readers, and supporters. You have helped us to grow this valuable publication that reaches thousands of radio broadcasters with agricultural news each week.

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Get our latest news and stories.