Broadcaster profile: Edwin Lamtey — Working closely with communities and ag experts to create impactful radio

Edwin Lamtey’s voice carries to thousands of households across northern Tanzania on the airwaves of Boma Hai FM. Trained at City Media College in Arusha, Edwin now works as a producer and broadcaster on one of Boma Hai FM’s farm radio programs, reaching farmers in Kilimanjaro, Manyara, Tanga and Arusha districts.

Edwin says he believes the station contributes to communities in its broadcast area by providing listeners with important knowledge and information.

“Especially in Kilimanjaro Region, where I visit to [gather] news stories, they are happy to hear what is happening around the community. With [better] financial support, I would like to reach other regions as well,” he said.

He is also proud of the impact of his own work.

“I make sure that we prepare a good program that educates the community by making sure that [important] issues around the community are addressed in programming. I also work closely with agricultural extension officers,” Edwin said.

In developing an impactful program, Edwin makes use of Farm Radio International’s broadcaster resources including adapting scripts from our resources packs. He also checks out Barza for news stories and inspiration from other broadcasters.

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