Built to last: Rural broadcast skills for Africa

As part of a new program to build lasting capacity in Africa, Farm Radio International recently conducted the first of what will be a series of training trainers workshops. For two weeks in Addis Ababa eight of the brightest African rural broadcasters worked with Farm Radio International’s new training manager, former CBC radio and television broadcaster, David Mowbray, to hone both broadcast and training skills.

The trainers will each work for a month at a time in partner radio stations doing what FRI is calling “Integrated Station Training”. Their goal is to bring a culture of quality into a station’s rural radio broadcasts but do it with the cooperation and blessing of station management.
David Mowbray:

All too often trainers come to Africa from the developed world for a week and then leave. Our trainers are African and they will train other Africans. We believe that is a more sustainable approach.

The first workshop had participants from Ghana, Tanzania, Malawi and Ethiopia. Each participant brought with them skills in broadcasting and had worked as mentors and trainers in the past.

This story was part of Farm Radio’s spring newsletter, Network News. Click here to read more.

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  1. Bernard Boadi on December 8, 2011 at 2:24 am

    I met Lydia Ajono (Ghana) and through her I got exposed to the efforts of African media in relation to farmers in Africa. As a farmers’ son whose career direction is Graphics, Digtal & Screen printing; what can be done along my line to contribute to this course, if I can?


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