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Audio postcard: Ghanaian farmers capitalized on ICT to connect with markets

By Farm Radio International | Jul 23, 2014

A radio producer from Obuoba FM interviews the chairperson of a farmer organization in Ghana’s Ashanti Region. Hello my name is Nathaniel Ofori, the information and…

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Farmer Aurea, Tanzania

Voices from the field: Aurea, Tanzania

By Farm Radio International | Jul 21, 2014

Aurea Lyamuya is a 52-year-old mother of eight. She lives in Ngage village in the Simanjiro District of the Manyara Region of Tanzania. She relocated there…

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Audio postcard: Radio program helped farmers access vines to grow nutritious orange-fleshed sweet potato

By Farm Radio International | Jul 17, 2014

Victoria Dansoa Abankwa, an agricultural extension officer and host of the orange-fleshed sweet potato program at Central Radio in Cape Coast, Ghana.  In 2013, Farm…

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Audio and video postcard: Paza Sauti — Raising the voices of Tanzanian farmers

By Farm Radio International | Jul 16, 2014

Clara Moita, broadcaster for Radio 5 in Arusha, Tanzania, works on Paza Sauti, a radio program that polled Tanzanian farmers on their access to markets.…

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Voices from the field: Erena Micheal, Tanzania

By Farm Radio International | Jul 10, 2014

Erena Micheal dances under the hot summer sun in her colourful traditional Tanzania garments, celebrating the rice harvest with fellow farmers. She says she is…

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Audio postcard: Teaching new technologies may be tough at times, but always rewarding

By Farm Radio International | Jul 7, 2014

Nathaniel Ofori is the information and communications technology (ICT) officer at Farm Radio International’s office in Ghana. This photo was taken during one of the…

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Audio postcard: Research on sweet potato selection shows that nutrition is often an afterthought

By Farm Radio International | Jul 3, 2014

Hi I’m Janelle from Farm Radio Ghana. Here’s my interview with Frank Quiquché Aka, Senior Researcher at the crop science department of the University of…

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Farmer Hadija, Tanzania

Voices from the field: Hadija, Tanzania

By Farm Radio International | Jun 26, 2014

Hadija is a farmer and mother of five children who lives in Rundugai village in Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro Region after being forced to relocate her there in…

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Audio postcard: Agripoll Tanzania — Using radio and mobile phones to listen to farmers

By Farm Radio International | Jun 9, 2014

Bart Sullivan here. I’d like to introduce you to the phones and technology we used to pull off Agripoll here in Tanzania. The ten Android…

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Audio postcard: Tanzanian cassava co-operative triples harvest by listening to the radio

By Farm Radio International | Jun 2, 2014

Salmu Nakudabi, chairperson of  Jitegemee B, a cassava processing co-operative in Tanzania, at work processing cassava. This group has more than tripled its yield after tuning…

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