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Connecting with farmers over the airwaves, in the field and by phone

By Farm Radio International | Sep 3, 2015

Tanzanian broadcaster Clara Moita: George Atkins Communications Award winner Clara Moita has been broadcasting with Radio 5, based in Arusha, Tanzania, since 2007. She is…

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Christian Ofori Kuma: Inspiring big changes for farmers

By Farm Radio International | Aug 27, 2015

Christian Ofori Kuma knew little of agriculture before he was chosen as a senior program producer on Akyeaa FM’s program Akuafo Mo (Thank you farmers)…

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Birhanu Kindu: Always improving his skills to better support farmers

By Farm Radio International | Jul 29, 2015

Birhanu Kindu, like many broadcasters, is highly educated, with a diploma in language and a degree in sociology and social anthropology. But he also credits…

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Justin Boswell Oryema: Serving farmers with Radio 2.0

By Farm Radio International | Jul 15, 2015

Justin Boswell Oryema is proud of his 15 years of broadcasting experience, particularly of his work as a farm radio broadcaster. “Mass communication is about…

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Thank you for helping us tell the small-scale farmer’s story

By Farm Radio International | Jun 9, 2015

Barza Wire journalist Norman Fulatira in Malawi offers his thanks to supporters of Barza Wire. Thank you to all our supporters who helped us raise…

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Broadcaster profile: Edwin Lamtey — Working closely with communities and ag experts to create impactful radio

By Farm Radio International | Jun 4, 2015

Edwin Lamtey’s voice carries to thousands of households across northern Tanzania on the airwaves of Boma Hai FM. Trained at City Media College in Arusha,…

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Broadcaster profile: Carine Ide Tchounga — Dedicated to serving her farming audience with the information they need

By Farm Radio International | May 21, 2015

For the past 15 years, Carine Ide Tchounga has been providing thousands of farming families with important information and entertainment, first as a broadcaster and…

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Farmer program e-course shows broadcasters value of connecting with audience

By Farm Radio International | Apr 1, 2015

Sakina Majawa Kaima is an experienced farm radio broadcaster. She currently hosts two shows on Malawi’s Chanco Radio that address two important issues facing farmers:…

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Talking about nutrition and agriculture with radio broadcasters on Barza Discussions

By Farm Radio International | Mar 22, 2015

Whether we realize it or not, good nutrition plays a vital role in our everyday lives. Eating nutritious food not only keeps disease at bay,…

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Barza Wire’s top stories feature women doing great work

By Farm Radio International | Mar 4, 2015

Since 2007, Farm Radio Weekly — now known as Barza Wire — has been producing great farmer stories. Every week, more than 2,000 broadcasters receive…

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