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Celebrating our 100th script package

By Farm Radio International | Feb 23, 2015

In May 1979, our first script package was mailed to 34 broadcasters in South Asia, Latin America and Africa. The scripts covered a number of…

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Who should tell the small-scale farmer’s story? They should.

By Farm Radio International | Feb 5, 2015

Privat Tiburce Massanga, a Congolese journalist, has written for Barza Wire since 2011.   In December 2007, Farm Radio International launched Farm Radio Weekly, a…

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Launching Barza Wire: Same great stories with a new name

By Farm Radio International | Feb 5, 2015

Farm Radio International has been serving farm radio broadcasters for 35 years, providing them with valuable agricultural advice and tips on creating an impactful broadcast.…

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Audio postcard: How to write a successful radio drama

By Farm Radio International | Sep 19, 2014

Tony Mushoborozi, 34, is a script writer from Kigezi, Uganda. He is currently working on a mental health radio drama to be aired on radio…

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Counting on cassava

By Farm Radio International | Oct 31, 2013

In many parts of Africa, cassava is one of the most important crops for small-scale farmers. Farmers have come to rely on the carbohydrate-rich tuber…

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Winter Network News: Read it before the summer!

By Farm Radio International | Apr 4, 2013

In case you didn’t get a chance to read the winter edition of Network News, we have some exciting updates on Farm Radio International’s work…

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Healthy Communities Script Package Launched!

By Farm Radio International | May 12, 2011

Farmers don’t just need information on crops, livestock and getting their produce to market, they also need to make sure that they along with their…

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World Food Day: Farmers call for a united front against hunger in Burkina Faso (by Inoussa Maiga, for Farm Radio Weekly)

By Farm Radio International | Oct 16, 2010

Saïdou Ouedrago is a farmer in Koualga, a village in southern Burkina Faso. He is a happy man. His wheat fields promise a good harvest…

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Farm Radio Weekly Launches a new Series of Scripts on Maternal Health

By Farm Radio International | May 27, 2009

The health and survival of women during pregnancy and childbirth is an important issue throughout the world, but particularly for rural families in resource-poor countries. …

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