Radio programs encourage Malian girls to stay in school

Dec 12, 2023

In Mali, girls are at higher risk of dropping out of school. Radio programs are addressing the factors that influence girls to abandon their education and encouraging them to stay in school.

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Improving Ghanaian women farmers’ access to agricultural advisory services

Dec 7, 2023

In Ghana, women face barriers to accessing agricultural advisory services. Read the stories of three women who benefited from radio programs tackling those barriers head on.

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Charity Intelligence: Top 10 International Impact Charity

Farm Radio once again named Top 10 International Impact Charity

Nov 9, 2023

Farm Radio International is once again honoured to be named a Top 10 International Impact Charity by Charity Intelligence. The institution, Canada’s “charity watchdog,” has also listed Farm Radio among its overall top 2023 100 charities in the country. 

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Journalists attend radio documentary training in Uganda for Nature-based Solutions project

Oct 31, 2023

This June, Farm Radio International’s radio craft officers added one more tool to their toolbox so that they can train our partner broadcasters on how to produce radio documentaries that will inspire change in their communities.

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Farm Radio International Uganda’s “Platform” project transforming agricultural extension services across the country

Oct 25, 2023

Though agriculture is a major industry in Uganda, only a small percentage of farmers receive advice from agricultural extension workers. Farm Radio International is working to change that through our Platform project.

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Supporting small-scale farmers to solve the food security crisis

Oct 16, 2023

Small-scale farmers are essential for feeding the world. Find out how Farm Radio International is supporting them.

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From sourcing seeds to selling produce: Sharing agricultural advice over the airwaves in Uganda

Oct 16, 2023

Read the stories of three individuals and groups that are benefiting from agricultural radio programs in Uganda that cover how to grow crops and raise livestock from start to finish.

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11,000+ African small-scale farmers use radio and mobile phones to tell decision makers attending Africa Food Systems Forum what they need to succeed in a changing climate

Sep 6, 2023

Though climate change, food system shocks and inflation are intensifying the challenges faced by small-scale farmers in sub-Saharan Africa, they want to remain in their homes, according to a report released today.

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The farming community in central Ghana benefiting from teak trees planted three decades ago

Aug 31, 2023

Residents of Mem, a community in central Ghana, planted teak trees over 30 years ago. Today, they are seeing the benefits, like increased shade and protection from windstorms.

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Estuary economics: Volta Region reporters visit mangrove restoration project

Jul 26, 2023

Radio show hosts, Farm Radio staff and a student volunteer visited a community in eastern Ghana to find out how they’re managing their mangrove population. Learn how the Agbledomi community is protecting its mangrove ecosystem.

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