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World Radio Day: 20+ podcasts & radio shows to celebrate the power of radio

By Farm Radio International | Feb 12, 2018

Last month we attended the WUSC & CECI International Forum to present the Young Journalists’ Global Podcast Challenge. We asked, what are you listening to?…

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Presenting the Young Journalists’ Global Podcast Challenge

By Farm Radio International | Jan 17, 2018

As the world experiences new, old, and more complex global challenges, it’s important to dig deep to understand the issues, how they affect people, and…

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Read the Winter edition of Tuning In

Read the Winter edition of Tuning In!

By Farm Radio International | Jan 16, 2018

This edition of Tuning In showcases some of the highlights of our successful “Radio for farmer value chain development” project, a five-year project that recently…

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Barza Wire celebrates 10 years

By Farm Radio International | Dec 27, 2017

We have been producing resources for radio broadcasters since 1979. These include scripts and agricultural fact sheets that radio broadcasters can use on air. But…

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Highlights from our annual report

By Farm Radio International | Dec 15, 2017

Even as much as the world has changed, radio is still the world’s most accessible and popular form of mass media. It sounds simple, but…

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Learning Tour

Discover Tanzania next February with Farm Radio International!

By Farm Radio International | Oct 31, 2017

Photos by Simon Scott Photography and Kathryn Burnham In February 2017, our first learning tour brought 14 of our supporters to Tanzania to see our…

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Compost in Mali

Farm Radio Resource Pack 107 is now online

By Farm Radio International | Oct 29, 2017

Our 107th Farm Radio Resource Pack is now online! Circulated to 650+ broadcasters in 40 countries, this pack includes 9 scripts and a backgrounder on…

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Tuning In Fall 2017

Read the fall edition of Tuning In!

By Farm Radio International | Oct 24, 2017

In our latest edition of Tuning In, we draw your attention to a very alarming, voracious pest, the Fall armyworm. It is causing destruction as…

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Fall Armyworm

Fast Facts on Fall armyworm

By Farm Radio International | Sep 20, 2017

A hungry, hungry caterpillar It’s not a worm. It’s a caterpillar that grows into a moth. This means it can travel far once it reaches…

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African Harvest 2017

African Harvest 2017: A celebration of food, farmers, radio, and resilience

By Farm Radio International | Jul 18, 2017

In 2014, we had the pleasure of hosting our first-ever African Harvest dinner to celebrate 35 years of Farm Radio International and raise funds to…

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