Celebrate World Radio Day with Farm Radio International

Taking place each year on February 13, World Radio Day is a global celebration of radio that was established in 2012 by the UN.


Why dedicate a day to celebrate a century-old medium more than a decade into the 21st century? Because, even in our high-tech world with new gadgets and gizmos, radio is still one of the most powerful and important forms of mass media available to us.
Join us as we celebrate radio with two special initiatives: a World Radio Day social media campaign and a global, phone-based poll!
And you don’t need to wait to until tomorrow to participate. You can get involved on social media or by picking up the phone now. Here’s how:


Valentine’s Day is for lovers. The day before is for lovers of radio.
Do you love radio? Celebrate World Radio Day on February 13 by sharing why!


There are two ways to participate:


  • Before World Radio Day: Visit our Share the Love Thunderclap to pledge an #iloveradio or #weloveradio message that will automatically be posted on your behalf to your social media channels of choice at 12 pm ET on Monday, February 13.


  • On World Radio Day: Write a message explaining why you love radio and post it to Twitter or Facebook. Be sure to include #iloveradio or #weloveradio and #WorldRadioDay. We’d also love it if you could include @farmradio in your message so that we don’t miss it!



The theme of World Radio Day 2017 is Radio is You, highlighting the importance of listener dialogue and feedback to good radio. And we couldn’t agree more.


That’s why we’ve partnered with UNESCO to using our audience polling platform, Uliza, to run a special mobile poll to help our broadcasting partners across Africa learn from their listeners. And we want to hear from you, too!


Pick up the phone and tell us how you use radio and why. You can call from anywhere in the world, and participate in English, French, Swahili, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese or Russian!


Dial 1-866-947-7206 (from Canada) or +1-647-492-5611 (internationally), answer five quick multiple-choice questions, then share a voice message about what radio has done for you. Or visit wrd.uliza.fm to use the handy in-browser dialer. It’s that easy!


The poll results will be shared in real time on Monday, February 13, at wrd.uliza.fmCall now to make your voice count!


THANK YOU for helping to raise awareness about World Radio Day and the ongoing power and popularity of radio around the globe.

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