Celebrate your love of radio

February 13 is World Radio Day — time to celebrate our love of radio and the impact it has on listeners. Radio is a great way to share information, tell stories and make change.
We asked a few of our radio partners to share why they love radio. Hear from them in the videos below and share with us on Facebook and Twitter why you love radio.
George Safo, of Uniq FM in Ghana, shares the impact of radio in his country.

Assibi Banguu-Ekelah, a broadcaster with URA Radio (Ghana Broadcasting Corporation), shares how she sees radio changing the world.

Broadcaster Harruna Abubakari Saddiq, with North Star Radio in Ghana, shares how he sees radio changing his community.

We asked our Ugandan broadcasting partners why they love radio. Hear what they had to say.

We also asked expert farmers and other Ugandans why they listen to the radio. Hear how radio is impacting their lives.

Broadcaster Faustine Butemi Kasala, of Faraja FM in Tanzania, shares how radio is changing the world.

Mary Clemence, a program manager at Sengerema Radio FM in Tanzania, tell us how radio is changing her community.

Moses Stanslaus Mpunga is a journalist and broadcaster at Pride FM in Mtwara, Tanzania. He says radio has changed his life by providing a great career opportunity. He is also using his radio show to make change in his community. Listen to hear how.

Agnes Shayo Hiza, broadcaster at Radio Maria in Tanzania, shares a story of how she has inspired her listeners.

On February 13, 2016, we will be hosting a webcast about change in the world of radio. Join us for Boom Box, which will feature great Canadian radio and podcast broadcasters.
Host Piya Chattopadhyay tell us why she loves radio.

Jesse Brown, host of the CANADALAND podcast, explains his favourite radio memory.

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