Celebrating 30 Years at the Outdoor Farm Show

I had the pleasure of setting up tent at the 2009 Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock Ontario in September.  The Outdoor Farm Show was started by former Farm Radio International board member, the late Ginty Jocius. His wife Lorie, who runs the event now, helped us secure a spot at the Show.  Over 40,000 attended this 3-day event.

What better way is there to help celebrate 30 years then by meeting many rural farmers? Canadian Farmers were some of Farm Radio International’s first supporters in the very early days, after listening to founder and farmer, George Atkins, talk about helping the poorest of the poor farmers around the world through radio.

We had a tent right between the Food Grains Bank and the local Rotary Club.  The days were sunny and beautiful.  Board member, David Barrie (a retired farmer himself) and wife Miriam chatted with visitors about our work, about their visit to one of our partner stations in Malawi and invited people in for refreshments.  George’s grandkids, Mark Elliott and Sarah Andrewes also lent a hand on the last day.  All in all, it was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with Farm Radio International friends and to many meet new ones.

Our great work was featured in The Ontario Farmer, thanks to a visit from journalist Tom VanDusen. His article, “Africa on the Air”  and other media mentions can be found by clicking here.

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