Check out our 2013-2014 annual report

Farm Radio International is proud to announce that its 2013-2014 interactive annual report is online — in both French and English!

The annual report includes stories, pictures, audio and video describing the projects underway in 2013-2014 and the impact they made.

Among the stories is a look at the impact our demand-driven participatory radio project had. This multi-country, multi-focus project let farmers choose the topic of the radio program, which led to great results in farmers trying improved agricultural practices.

Also check out videos from our FarmQuest reality radio series, and learn more about the challenges the candidates faced and the lessons they learned through the mentorship they received during this project.

You can also listen to episodes of our My Children radio drama, to hear just how a story can captivate an audience and teach listeners about nutrition and health.

We launched several new projects in 2013-2014. Learn more about these projects, which have taken our work into many new directions — including girls’ education in Kenya, food standards in East Africa and rice and sesame production.

Check out the English version at and the French version at

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