The Climate Crisis

Farmers turn to radio

Farmers in sub-Saharan Africa are turning on their radios as the weather they have relied on for years for their livelihoods gets more erratic and more destructive.

Farm Radio International has partnered with radio stations across Africa to gather and broadcast timely weather information and agricultural tips in an effort to make sure farmers have access to the information they need, when they need it. We're able to provide advice on how to adapt to climate change. Climate inequality is real and those contributing the least to climate change are being impacted the most. 

Farm Radio International is the only international non-profit organization focused on using interactive radio to help African farming communities help themselves. Farm Radio International is a Canadian based organization with offices in 10 African countries. 

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"Currently we are facing a challenge of dryness in the area. If we have weather information it will be easier to know when to move and where to move to and where to return — where we can find pasture and water for our animals and agriculture practices."

Samson Laizer, farmer and pastoralist in Longido, Tanzania