Information saves lives.

Whether it's about staying safe or planting food, radio saves lives. 

Junmai Emmanuel poses in her potato field

“My family was desperate for information that could save our crops. Had it not been for the radio, I would still be groping in the dark.”

Junmai Emmanuel is a 45-year-old widow with four children living in northern Nigeria. Thanks to a local radio program, she’s been able to improve her potato harvests and her family’s quality of life.

But COVID-19 put that all at risk. With markets closed, there was nowhere to sell her crop, and thus no money to buy nutritious food.

“The farmer radio program saved me,” Junmai says.

Thanks to the program’s critical information — both about better farming, and about crucial COVID safety tips — she’s been able to make it through the season.

You can help more farmers like Junmai stay safe and healthy by making a donation today.

How you can help

Make a difference in the lives of rural farmers like Junmai by supporting good, timely, and life-saving radio programs.

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What we're doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19


Broadcaster resources

We're actively developing, sharing and distributing good information to broadcasters so they are equipped and can stay safe while getting information to their listeners about how to stop the spread of COVID-19.


Creating connections

We've set up or are reinforcing existing spaces, such as WhatsApp groups, to give radio broadcasters a place to learn from each other about best practices in COVID-19 radio programming.


Adapting programs

We're adapting our current radio project programming in Africa, where appropriate, to meet the needs of communities affected by COVID-19 and to prevent further spread of the virus. 


Emergency support fund

We're launching an emergency fund to support broadcasters and radio stations as they develop exceptional communication efforts to underserved communities while they are needed most.


Broadcaster hotline

Our digital innovation team is developing a broadcaster rapid response call in service and chat bot, allowing broadcasters access to FAQs, to fact check information and ask question in real time. 

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