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Our work in


Our work in


Ethiopia is home to some of our most popular radio programs. Given the country’s large population (the second largest in Africa) and strong public service broadcasting system, the programs we have supported there have reached tens of millions of people. Our projects in Ethiopia have focused on diverse topics, from the production of teff and to the consumption of high-protein maize, often utilizing Community Listening Groups to drive interaction between listeners and broadcasters. Our close relationship with Ethiopia’s Ministry of Communication and Information Technology enabled us to work together to help farmers affected by the 2016-17 drought — the worst one in fifty years.

Our reach


32 million potential listeners

By combining radio coverage maps with population density information, we estimate that our partner stations in Ethiopia have a combined potential audience of more than 32 million people.



Feature projects

Feature publications

2017 | Project Brief

Scaling-up Pulse Innovations for Food and Nutrition Security in Southern Ethiopia

2017 | Project Brief

Country Program Brief: Ethiopia

2017 | Promotional Materials

Media Brief: Ethiopia Program

Country snapshot

176th on the Human Development Index

104,957,438 total population

80% rural population

68% employment in agriculture

26.5% rural access to electricity

41% women’s literacy rate

Source: UNDP, World Bank

Staple crops

Tef, wheat, maize, sorghum, barley

Our work in Ethiopia

32 Broadcasting partners

1995 First broadcasting partner joined

2010 Country office opened

2009 First radio project


PO Box 19084, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tel/Fax: +251.118.693.555


Project broadcast languages

Amharic, Oromiffa, Tigrigna, Benchigna, Kefigna, Wolayetigna, Sidamigna

Digital solutions at work





Uliza Log

Uliza Log

On the air

Radio Marketplace

Radio Marketplace


Participatory Radio Campaign

Listening Post

Listening Post

Community Listening Group

Community Listening Group

Cooking shows

Cooking Shows

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