WATCH | A pandemic of misinformation: Radio and COVID-19 in Africa

In the 18 months since a global pandemic was declared, myths, disinformation and outright lies have hampered relief efforts around the world. Africa is no exception. 

Across the continent, many countries are only now receiving COVID-19 vaccines, thanks to the global COVAX project. The same disinformation that we’ve seen in North America can sow doubts and worry in remote, rural communities — worry that radio is working to dispel thanks to dedicated broadcasters.

Broadcasters are on the front lines in encouraging rural people to stay safe and get vaccinated. Their creativity, care and continuous efforts have kept communities up to date from the beginning. 

Watch Farm Radio staff and broadcasters from Ghana, Nigeria, Malawi and Uganda as they discuss the current reality of COVID-19 in their countries — and the work radio is doing to keep communities safe.

This event took place on October 21st, 2021.


David Gutnick
David Gutnick is a recently-retired award-winning radio documentary producer from CBC radio who has served as a volunteer mentor and trainer for various Farm Radio International training programs. For over three decades he worked for CBC telling thousands of radio stories about people he met all over the world.

Blessing Uwechia

Blessing Ngozika Uwechia
Blessing is Farm Radio International’s Project Officer in Nigeria. With a history in broadcast journalism, entrepreneurship and coaching, Blessing is passionate about making a better world for all — especially for women, youth, and persons with disability.

Francis Azoska

Francis Azoska
Francis is a broadcaster and TV host with the Garden City Radio, part of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation based in Kumasi. For more than 12 years he has worked with the Ministry of Agriculture and more recently Farm Radio International to create and air agriculture and health programs.

Precious Naturinda
Precious is a Ugandan broadcast journalist working with Uganda Community Green Radio, where she works as a Senior News Editor and as a presenter for Nyinabwenge, a show on gender equality that won the 2020 Liz Hughes Award for Her Farm Radio from Farm Radio International.

Rex Chapota
Rex is Farm Radio International’s Growth and Strategic Opportunities Advisor. His experience with Farm Radio International dates back more than a decade. He is also the founding CEO of Farm Radio Trust, the fast growing, indigenous-lead, and locally-based sister organization to Farm Radio International.

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