Farm Radio International joins partnership to share communication for development initiatives


Farm Radio International is excited to join a multi-partner initiative promoting participatory communication and fostering cooperation in the field of communication for development in Africa.

Through YenKasa Africa, we’ll be joining other partners in sharing stories, lessons, and best practices centred around communication for development initiatives with a focus in agriculture and rural development.

Communication for development is a broad field of development, where two-way communication processes are used to create dialogue that seeks change at a variety of levels, amplifying the voices of those involved and facilitating participation in ongoing conversations.

The YenKasa initiative includes a knowledge-sharing platform for these conversations, which Farm Radio International will be hosting via Barza Wire, our weekly online newswire service.

Through YenKasa Africa, we look forward to showcasing the work of radio stations, media professionals, communication for development practitioners, development NGOs, academics, civil society organizations, as well as producer groups.
What is YenKasa?

“YenKasa” is an Akan expression from Ghana that means “Let’s talk.” The phrase emphasizes the need to discuss issues in order to collaboratively identify and solve community challenges.

This platform is a partnership between Farm Radio International, the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), and the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC). The goal is to share knowledge and experiences, and to foster collaboration in the field of communication for development in Africa.

By working together, and by sharing resources and best practices, the goal is to advance policy change and improve project design and implementation.

Read more about how you can contribute to the YenKasa Africa platform, or check out Farm Radio International’s first contribution to the site.

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