Farm Radio named a 2022 top Canadian charity

Top 10 International Impact Charity

Farm Radio International is once again thrilled to be named a Top 10 International Impact Charity by Charity Intelligence. We are also grateful to be listed among the overall top 100 charities in Canada by the industry watchdog.

We are deeply grateful for the support and belief in our work awarded to us by our donors and our many partners.

A Top 10 Impact Charity

What does being a Top 10 Impact Charity mean? Charity Intelligence puts it this way: “For every dollar you donate, what’s the measurable return to clients and society?” It is based on demonstrated impact per dollar donated.

It means that your dollar goes further, and makes the biggest change. 

In 2021-22, 24.5 million people listened to programs supported by Farm Radio International. Of those listeners, 4.9 million improved their farming, health and nutrition practices because of radio programs broadcast by our partners.

Top 100 Charities

In addition to the Top 10 International Impact Charities list, we’re happy to announce we have once again been named to Charity Intelligence’s Top 100 Charities list and continue to receive a 5-star rating from the organization.

Charity Intelligence’s star ratings are based on an assessment of five objective aspects: 1. donor reporting, 2. financial transparency, 3. funding need, 4. cents to the cause, and 5. demonstrated impact.
We are grateful to be listed alongside 99 other remarkable charities in Canada. All of these charities do extraordinary work in their communities and in communities around the world.

They, like us, believe in transparency and accountability. And they, like us, believe in making a difference.
“Like most everyone who works for and with Farm Radio International, I have no trouble finding the motivation to get up each day and put my shoulder to the wheel to keep this organization doing its important work,” says Kevin Perkins, Farm Radio’s executive director.

“The intrinsic rewards are incredible—big impact on pressing problems, committed partners, efficient use of resources, high ethical standards… But there is no denying the pride and pleasure that comes from the positive assessment of our work by Charity Intelligence. We’re delighted to, once again, be recognized by Charity Intelligence as a Top 10 International Impact Charity.”

We couldn’t do it without the thousands of remarkable individuals and foundations who donate to us on a regular basis. Their—your—support allows us to continue making an impact where it is most needed and where we are most qualified to make a difference.

In turn, we will continue to stay accountable to the communities we work in and to the donors who trust us with their gifts. Our 2021-2022 annual report will be released soon, and we strive to keep you informed about the work we are doing and the results of that work.

We—and you—know radio is making a difference.

If you are not yet a donor, please consider making a gift this holiday season. We thank you for your support.

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