One of Canada's top rated charities

One of Canada's top rated charities

How your donation will help:

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Meeting a unique need

Farm Radio International is the only international non-profit organization that is solely committed to using the power of radio as an effective tool for rural development in Africa.

Radio is a powerful force in addressing gender equality

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Helping vulnerable communities

The people that you will be helping include millions of the world's most vulnerable farmers and their families.

Through your donations, we can provide them with helpful information about farming techniques that are geared to support small-scale farming.

This information is shared by radio, which is still one of the most easily accessible forms of communication available in the world.

Radio and Rice

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Changing lives for the better

Farm Radio helps farmers in rural Africa learn techniques that enable them to grow more and better food. These changes make a difference in their lives by:

  • Improving and increasing harvests
  • Reducing hunger
  • Improving nutrition and overall health
  • Providing critical information on climate and weather
  • Communicating key information to combat COVID-19 and other disasters
radio broadcasting
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What is Farm Radio

Farm Radio International offers low-cost and no-cost ways to help small-scale farmers in Africa improve their farming techniques through highly accessible radio programs.

We strive to make radio a powerful force for good in rural Africa.

Our network includes over 1000 radio stations in 41 countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our goal

Our goal is to 

  • Share knowledge
  • Amplify voices
  • Support positive change 
Our history

Farm Radio International was founded by celebrated CBC farm radio broadcaster, George Atkins in 1979 and has grown and developed into one of Canada’s top rated charities, helping countless people over several decades.

Why are we one of Canada's top-rated charities?
We make every dollar count

Last year 87% of the money we received was used to fund our core programs.

Only 7% was used on administration and 6% on fundraising efforts.

Farm Radio's expense ratio
We are making an impact

In 2019-2020 alone we were able to reach about 13 million people across rural Africa with life-changing information. 

We helped 2.7 million of them make a positive change.

This was all possible because of generous donations from people like you, who want to make a difference.

We are focused

At Farm Radio International we want to make the biggest impact possible on the lives of people in rural Africa. To accomplish this, we have three key areas of focus:

  • Creating and distributing radio resources that help rural radio broadcasters better serve their listeners. 
  • Running radio projects that improve the lives of people in rural Africa. 
  • Pioneering radio innovations that make radio even more effective and interactive.
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Beryl Wilson

Farm Radio makes a difference because it provides long-term solutions to help people to help themselves


Janet Reed

I trust Farm Radio International to spend my bequest where it’s needed the most.


Anish Parmar

I became a monthly donor to Farm Radio International because I wanted to contribute to something larger than myself and to an organization that would ensure my donations make a big impact.