Farm Radio Resource Pack 107 is now online

Compost in Mali

Our 107th Farm Radio Resource Pack is now online! Circulated to 650+ broadcasters in 40 countries, this pack includes 9 scripts and a backgrounder on Fall armyworm.

Producing resources for broadcasters has been part of Farm Radio’s work since 1979, when we were known as Developing Countries Farm Radio Network.

Our Farm Radio Resource Packs include interview and drama scripts, issue packs, and backgrounders, which dig into an agricultural issue in simple language. We also produce Broadcaster how-to guides which provide tips for broadcasters to improve their skills.

In this pack, we feature two scripts related to projects we are working on in Mali. The first talks about the benefits of compost and gives step-by-step instructions on how to produce the valuable substance. The second tells the story of a group of women who are benefiting from growing okra in one part of central Mali.

Three other items in Pack 107 deal with crop production: Land preparation for fava bean in Ethiopia, introducing new cocoa trees to cocoa plantations in Ghana, and commercial tomato production in Nigeria.

Pack 107 includes a comprehensive backgrounder on Fall armyworm, the pest that’s currently causing so many problems across much of Africa. The backgrounder includes 18 photos and a diagram to help readers visualize and better understand what the pest looks like, where to find it, and how it operates.

Finally, we have recently started re-publishing old scripts, dating back to the first few packs produced by Developing Countries Farm Radio Network. These scripts have been revised and updated to ensure the information is still accurate, but the advice they give is still very applicable. Pack 107 includes four updated scripts first distributed many years ago. Two focus on preventing vitamin A deficiency, thus reducing the risk of blindness and keeping children healthy. The third provides basic information about how bees make honey, and how beekeepers can take advantage of their honey-making for better nutrition and income. Finally, we include a script on soil erosion that includes tips for growing crops on sloping land.

All of our scripts can be found online at

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