Farm Radio Resource Pack 108 is now online!


Our 108th Farm Radio Resource Pack was published this week, and circulated by email to 670+ broadcasting partners in 40 African countries. This is more than 2,000 individuals who have received our pack of interview scripts, radio dramas, and Broadcaster how-to guides.

This time our pack includes several interview scripts on the topics of indigenous vegetables, conservation agriculture, and growing staple crops like sorghum. It also includes a five-episode drama about growing and marketing commons beans, which addresses a wide range of gender issues that rural women face. This drama is available in English, French and Swahili – and is a very interesting read!

We also worked hard to produce five new Broadcaster how-to guides for this resource pack. Our BH2s are tip sheets to help broadcasters improve their radio skills. Topics in pack 108 include audio editing, using wild sound, generating revenue for your farmer program, and creating effective programs about markets and marketing. We think these are important topics for farm radio broadcasters.

You can find pack 108 at and you can find all of our resources for broadcasters at

Photo by Jesse Winter

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