‘Farm Radio rocks!’

*David Gutnick is an award-winning radio documentary producer who has been a volunteer and mentor to Farm Radio International broadcast partners for FRI’s training programs.

CBC radio broadcaster David Gutnick has served as a mentor and trainer for various FRI training programs. His radio documentary, “Better journalists make for better farmers,” featuring his work with FRI in Mali, aired on CBC Radio’s Dispatches in 2009. A related story was also featured on the CBC news world website. Currently a volunteer adviser for FRI’s FarmQuest, David recently had this to say about Farm Radio International:

 “I love Farm Radio and believe this is a model NGO. I was giving a talk on oral history at a seminar at Concordia University and two participants were visiting from Uganda. They knew the radio producer back in Uganda who had won a Farm Radio prize and were thrilled that I had connections with the organization. They told me how much it meant to their friend and what it means for their community. In short: Farm Radio rocks! Seriously, over the past few years as I’ve followed the progress of Farm Radio I’ve been very impressed. Farm Radio International is a NGO that I find responsible and flexible, and the difference it makes is clear and smart.”

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