Saving lives through the power of radio

This is more than just Radio. In Rural Africa, it's a life line!
Why radio?

Radio is still the world's most popular mass medium, easily accessible to even the most remote African villages. It is accessible, convenient, inexpensive, and interactive.

Radio is powerful

Radio has the power to reach hundreds of millions of African farmers with life-changing information.

Listening to quality radio programs helps small-scale African farmers enjoy better harvests, improve their health and create a brighter future.

David Bondo records a radio spot

Radio gets results

According to studies, up to 40% of Farm Radio listeners make a positive change to their farming practices as a result of listening to one of our programs.

The radio shows and services that we support help tens of millions of farmers enjoy a better life through their own hard work and determination.

Junmai Emmanuel stands in her potato field
Our work

Farm Radio is the only international non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to using radio as a tool for rural development in Africa.

We have have been recognized for the innovation and impact of our work with awards from the World Summit on the Information Society, the Canadian Council for International Cooperation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Agricultural, Learning, and Impacts Network (ALINe).

How can you get involved?

Choose the type of giving that best suits you

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Radio is a powerful force in addressing gender equality
World Radio Day
Other ways to get involved
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  • employment opportunities
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Host your own potluck

To celebrate our 40th anniversary, we are looking for 40 champions to help us spread the news by hosting a fun, casual dinner with friends or family.

Every dollar you raise at your potluck will go towards supporting small-scale farmers and rural people.

Help us raise $40,000.

What our supporters have to say

Beryl Wilson

Farm Radio makes a difference because it provides long-term solutions to help people to help themselves


Janet Reed

I trust Farm Radio International to spend my bequest where it’s needed the most.


Anish Parmar

I became a monthly donor to Farm Radio International because I wanted to contribute to something larger than myself and to an organization that would ensure my donations make a big impact.