Farm Radio Scriptwriting Competition Has Record Number of Participants!

Farm Radio International’s fourth radio scriptwriting competition on Healthy Communities in sub-Saharan Africa is well underway. On August 16th, a free, 10 week online scriptwriting course commenced for all registered participants. This year we are pleased to announce that the number of participants has almost doubled to 419 people!

The free distance training, first offered last year for the radio scriptwriting competition on smallholder farmer innovation, has been applauded by many broadcasters across the African continent.

Bravo to the hard working facilitators your work was highly exceptional to me because of your personal time you devoted to this training for the past two months. I am now extending what I have learned to other colleagues at our community.

– Jefferson Massah from Radio Gbarnga in central Liberia

Everyone who completes the training course will receive a Sansa MP3-player. Here is what Robinson Wikana Mukangayi from the Shinyalu Community Telecentre in Kakamega, Kenya had to say on last year’s competition and training:

I am writting to confirm that I have recieved a Certificate and a Sansa Player from Farm Radio International.

I am so grateful about your keeping to your word. It is indeed a confirmation of your kind dedication to our welfare and smallholders as whole. I shall particularly continue working in the same line for the betterment of this very important population.

I also want to confirm to you that our Government has finally after much deliberations on the media laws, enlisted us among those to be allocated FM Radio frequency which eventually can incorporate TV. We have much lined up for the smallholder in all sectors including research, Agriculture, ICTs, health, education among others and thats why we have this as their station. So far they are enjoying the immense wealth of information from Farm Radio International, CTA and others ranging from publications, scripts, training like the just completed and constant interactions. I am moving on to pass on the knowledge to others whom we intend to use in the station as broadcasters and reporters so you have for sure set the best pace.

Kindly endeavor to include us in any other training. Make use of us at all times. Otherwise, thank so much.

Robinson Wikana Mukangayi, Shinyalu Community Telecentre, Kakamega, Kenya

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  1. emmanuel.m on November 14, 2011 at 11:24 pm

    Robinson, i was born in shinyalu raised in shinyalu and when i read such words that have little truth in them i feel sad so sad.where is shinyalu radio station?


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