GeoPoll Technical Report: Farm Radio International Uganda – Listenership of Bushenyi FM Radio in Bushenyi and Kasese

Farm Radio International (FRI) commissioned Mobile Accord Inc. (MAI)/GeoPoll to conduct a SMS survey to evaluate the impact of interactive rural radio (IRR) programming in the Bushenyi and Kasese districts of Uganda, specifically targeting banana farmers. The report below analyses the data gather by the SMS survey. Data collection occurred between June 28th and July 4th with respondents that live in the districts of Bushenyi and Kasese.

Key findings
Approximately 69% of respondents came from Bushenyi and 31% came from Kasese districts of Uganda. Approximately 89% of respondents indicated they had listened to Bushenyi FM (BFM) since the start of 2016. Out of this subset, 76% reported having listened to the program, “Eiraka ryomuhingi no muriisa” on banana production.

Respondents were asked if since the start of 2016, they had implemented new practices to improve banana productivity/pest control and 86% said yes while 14% said no. Furthermore, 91% of listeners indicated they implemented new practices, while only 75% of non-listeners indicated they had implemented new practices. The main source of information on improved banana growing practices for respondents was the radio at 56%.

When asked to react to the following statement, « Men and women should share productive and domestic tasks more equally », 92% of all respondents agreed with it (58% strongly agree, 34% Agree) and only 8% disagreed (4% disagree, 4% strongly disagree). Listeners were more likely to strongly agree at 61% (123) compared to non-listeners at 54% (52).

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