It’s all about the how | Experience Capitalization | From theory to practice: Trying out a new approach

Document also available on CTA’s CGSpace website here.

Experience Capitalization is a relatively new term, but it covers similar principles to documentation or process evaluation. For me, Experience Capitalization is the HOW: in terms of “how are we doing things,” “how did we get to where we wanted to get,” and of “how did some aspects of a project work well and some not so well.”

Much of conventional M&E is around measuring impacts – as part of my work at Farm Radio International (FRI) I spend a lot of time working on log frames and indicators, trying to measure impact, and a lot less time trying to measure how we got that impact in the first place and whether it is actually a logical progression from activity to outcome. An experience capitalization process differs in the sense that, when you ask teams to assess how they did things or whether they did them well, they will usually think in terms of numbers or outputs, rather than processes. In that sense, a lot of useful detail can be lost.

This work was carried out as part of a CTA-funded project. The work can be found in:  CTA. 2019. Experience capitalization from theory to practice: Trying out a new approach. Experience Capitalization Series 11. Wageningen: CTA: 8-11 .

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