Tuning In newsletter: Winter 2024

For the winter edition of Tuning In, we highlight impactful projects related to gender equality and agriculture, plus our statement of values and key stats from our annual report.

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Tuning In newsletter: Spring 2023

In this edition of Tuning In, we focus on radio broadcasters and the essential role they play in their communities — including during a crisis. Learn how Kasungu Community Radio supported their community when Cyclone Freddy devastated Malawi. Read the inspiring story of Adja Malado Diakité, a market woman who went on to become the second woman working at Radio Wassoulou in Mali. Plus, meet the winners of this year’s Farm Radio Awards.

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Tuning In newsletter: Winter 2023

In this edition of Tuning In, meet Phoebe Peshik, a Nigerian potato farmer who used learnings from a radio program to protect both her potato plants and profits. Plus, discover highlights from our 2021-2022 Annual Report and learn about radio stations’ creative campaigns to promote vaccination against COVID-19. In this newsletter, we’re also excited to…

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Tuning In: Fall 2022

It’s time to bring in the harvest! In this season’s Tuning In, meet Wamkebeta Shalua, a farmer in the Meru district of Tanzania who is facing challenges caused by climate change. One thing that has helped: radio programs that keep her crops healthy. Also meet a Farm Radio donor and learn about what his donations…

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Tuning In newsletter: Fall 2021

From combatting stereotypes to combatting COVID-19, radio has changed the lives of farmers across Africa. In this fall’s Tuning In, hear from Yeshi Diba, in Ethiopia, who feared leaving her home due to the threat of COVID-19 — that is, until radio separated fact from fiction. You’ll also see a day in the life of…

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Tuning In newsletter: Spring 2021

It’s spring, and Tuesday night is a night for radio! Meet the community listening group in Senegal that meets every Tuesday to discuss their health and the health of their community. Inside this edition of Tuning In, hear from the talented group of African broadcasters who won this year’s George Atkins Communications Award, and the…

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Tuning In newsletter: Winter 2021

In our latest edition of Tuning In, we share some stories we love. Read about how in Tanzania, our programs on weather have made a difference to the farmers who rely on rains, In Sierra Leone and Liberia, learn alongside learners themselves! We share a story about our project on distance learning during the pandemic,…

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