Healthy Communities Script Package Launched!

Farmers don’t just need information on crops, livestock and getting their produce to market, they also need to make sure that they along with their families and neighbours are healthy. The concept of “healthy communities” combines a broad understanding of “good health” with a community approach to achieving it. This way of looking at healthy communities considers health as part of general community well-being and community development.
Farming communities face a unique set of environmental, economic and social issues that have an impact on health. Our latest script package explores community health and features positive responses which build healthy communities. The scripts provide practical ways in which the overall health of communities can be improved through individual and collective efforts.

The scripts that make up this package consist of the winners of our fourth script writing competition. Some of the winning scripts are:

Composting human waste is a healthy way to reduce disease and feed the soil: tells how a prison security guard in Burkina Faso, led an initiative to clean up and compost human waste in the prison to make fertilizer for crops, improving both prison hygiene and nutrition.

A community fights malnutrition with local leafy vegetables: is about an extension worker in Ghana who helps villagers to reclaim the health and agricultural benefits of native, traditional green leafy vegetables, commonly stigmatized as “poor people’s food.”

AIDS support group gives positive people a new lease on life! shows how a local Zambian organization helps HIV-positive people improve their nutrition by growing the ingredients for their own nutritional supplements.

Also included with this 93rd script package is the partner broadcaster newsletter, Voices.

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  1. Alh Baba Jallow on June 9, 2011 at 9:15 am

    Dear Farm Radio I am ver much impriss to you are doing by reching to the farmers and haveing them to know and able to voice to goverment and their product to be buy, and other thing is you are make them to be well know so that customas can always get back to them and reach to their market. However I am very happy with your woundfull work you are doing with your FM satation it very important for the farmers to know their health as it is first thing they know so that we will contuinue to have a very good farmers and health farmers indeed.
    thank you your friend Alh Baba Jallow NSGA OR Nova Scotia Gambia Association.


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