Healthy Soils Make Healthy Farms

Soil is the foundation of farming. When farmers take care of the soil and ensure that it’s healthy, the farm will be more likely to provide the food and income that is needed. If the soil is not healthy, farmers cannot produce what they need.

Soil is more than just a thing in which farmers grow plants. It is a living, dynamic environment, which is like a human body in several ways. Like a human body, it needs good nutrition, good things to eat and drink. Like a human body, it needs to be healthy in order to support growth. And like a human body, its sub-systems need to work well individually and cooperatively to support maximum health and growth.

Two central ways to support soil health are to ensure that soil is fertile, and to ensure that soil is protected from erosion (this is called soil conservation). This script package explores these two critical aspects of soil health.

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