Highlights from our annual report


Even as much as the world has changed, radio is still the world’s most accessible and popular form of mass media. It sounds simple, but — done right — radio has the power to transform life for millions of people for the better by bringing good ideas and information to scale.

We know that quality, interactive rural radio programs lead to change. We see it with our own eyes and hear it from team members, partners, broadcasters, and farmers every day. But radio travels far, and with our network of more than 670 radio partners in 40 countries, we are often cautious about claiming just how much impact our work has.

Thankfully, with advances in technology, it has become easier to measure and report on our impact. And so our 2016-17 annual report is special because it represents our best effort to date to report holistically on the most significant activities, achievements, and challenges of the past year.

Read our annual report for more highlights of our radio resources, radio innovations, and radio projects.

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