“Honouring a Father’s Passion” – featured in latest Network News

The best way to pay a tribute is to respect and honour the passions of loved ones. Ian Fraser has just done that by making a donation to Farm Radio International in memory of his father Donald D. Fraser, an ardent admirer of agriculture and farm practices. Don Fraser, died in 2009 at the age of 97.

Don Fraser grew up on a farm in Manitoba along with his five brothers and experienced every aspect of farm life. He witnessed the severe droughts of the dustbowl or dirty-thirties period that plagued the Prairies from 1930 to 1936. Life in the farm taught Don Fraser to be strong in the face of adversity and make the most of what was available.

Don’s family grew wheat and raised farm animals. “I grew up listening to my father’s farm life stories,” says Ian. “My dad and his brothers always remembered their tie to the land.”

Don graduated from University of Manitoba with a bachelor’s degree in agriculture, and began his business career selling agricultural products.

Donating to Farm Radio International in memory of his father made a lot of sense to Ian, who visited Malawi and Kenya with his Church to learn about its HIV/AIDS work. During his visit to Africa, Ian saw how important Radio is to the promotion of sustainable farm practices and community health.

I think that Farm Radio International’s work is the kind of thing my father would have wanted to support. Using radio to help poor farmers to improve their crop yields with simple techniques that respect the earth is indeed a great idea. Radio was the medium my dad knew a lot about while growing up in the Prairie farms and it is gratifying to know that it is still an effective way of reaching large farm audiences in the developing world, said Ian.

“We are truly honoured that Ian chose to support the work of Farm Radio International as a way to remember the life, values and interests of his father”, said Kevin Perkins, Executive Director of Farm Radio International.

This tribute article is featured in our latest edition of our donor newsletter, “Network News” , which is now available for download and printing on our website.  Published three times a year, it highlights the latest accomplishments of Farm Radio International.

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