How Farm Radio International changed my life

Guillaume Kanga Nkodo in his plantain field

As a long time Farm Radio International listener (radio ODAMA-FM), Guillaume Kanga Nkodo, a plantain farmer in Cameroon shares his personal experience on the benefits of our work.  Below is his story:

Well, what interested me most was that, through the Farm Radio programs, we were told about new farming techniques. For example, we were told that we should not just take any small plantain banana plants and plant them. They advise us to select the small plant and make sure they did not have any weevils. Because, we used to plant diseased small trees but they did not grow normally.

To improve our production while cleaning the field, we gather all the plantain stems that we cut, to use it as fertilizer… The soil’s fertility in conjunction with the advice we receive allows us not to buy a lot of chemical fertilizers. We use the fertilizer techniques as suggested by Farm Radio.

Guillaume isn’t the only listener whose life has changed for the better because of the work Farm Radio International does.   More farmers’ stories will be posted in the near future, so please stay tuned.

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