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Canadian international assistance helps farmers like Matefie Meja

Matefie Meja is a single mother of three who farms a half-hectare of land in Chifisa, Ethiopia.

Her work is labour intensive and time consuming, but thanks to a new radio program that explained conservation agriculture to her, Matefie realized there was a different way of farming that puts less strain on her.

She learned to intercrop pumpkins and maise, and spread crops on her field to keep moisture from evacuating.

The process kept her crops grow tall and productive, protect her soil and environment, and gave Matefie more time to complete her other tasks.

Matefie Meja
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Canadian aid supports farmers and rural people around the world

Farmers like Matefie need access to information and support so they can make the best decisions on how to improve their lives and livelihoods.

The information on Matefie’s radio program came from a collaborative project that Farm Radio is working on in Ethiopia, launched by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

The project is undertaken with matching support from Global Affairs Canada.

Do your part

Canadian aid allows organizations like us to do our work where it can make the biggest difference in the day-to-day lives of rural people. That’s why we’re asking the Canadian government to invest more money towards international assistance. You can help.

Send a postcard and let the prime minister know that when it comes to ending global poverty and hunger - you care. They're free to send!

Send a message to an elected official on social media using the hashtags #MoreCanada or #MoreAid4Ag and tag us @farmradio

Canada and the world

Canadian aid has contributed to positive change for millions of people around the world, but there’s still a lot to do.

In the 2018 budget, Canada moved in the right direction and added some additional funds to the aid budget, but we’re still far behind other wealthy countries in out spending on aid.

We want to show the Canadian government that Canadians care about ending global poverty and hunger, and that we want our country to contribute generously to this goal.

Show the government that international development assistance is a priority for you — that you care about Canadian aid.

Did you know?

  • Canada currently provides about $5 billion a year toward helping to address world poverty. That’s about 0.26 percent of our income (OECD) and about 1.7 percent of our overall budget.
  • The UN target for international aid spending is 0.7 percent of a country’s national income (OECD). Canada lags behind several countries who have reached this target: The United Kingdom, Norway and Germany, for example.
  • Comparatively, Canada spends about $25 billion per year on our defense budget, and Canadians themselves spend $6.6 billion on our pets and $22 billion on alcohol each year.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Send a message to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

I care about Canada’s role in helping end global poverty & hunger! We can and should do more to help the world's most vulnerable people, especially women and children. An increased aid budget will help us do that! @JustinTrudeau #MoreCanada #MoreAid4Ag @farmradio

Maryam Monsef

Send a message to the Minister of International Development, Maryam Monsef

I care about Canada’s role in helping to end global poverty & hunger, and I’m proud to live in a country that cares about the world’s most vulnerable people. Let’s do more! @MaryamMonsef #MoreCanada #MoreAid4Ag @farmradio

Minister Catherine McKenna

Send a message to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna

Farmers around the world are struggling to adapt to changing weather patterns. I care about Canada’s role in helping small-scale farmers, particularly women, adjust to a changing world! @cathmckenna #MoreCanada #MoreAid4Ag @farmradio

Want to do more?

  • Craft your own message on social media (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter), use the hashtags #MoreCanada or #MoreAid4Ag and tag your MP or another elected official
  • Order a postcard and take a selfie — post it online and let us know!
  • Order multiple postcards and ask your friends and colleagues to sign and do the same

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