Introducing 'Nature Answers: Rural Stories from a Changing Planet'

Facing down climate change seems like an enormous task. But some of the most rural and remote communities on earth are up for the challenge – and using lessons learned from nature to do it. In Nature Answers, you’ll hear stories of individuals who have come together in the face of a changing planet and learn from the rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa who are turning to nature to adapt. 


These are the stories of people looking to nature, about how to save nature. 


Hear the hopeful side of climate change. And learn from the people on the front lines of climate change who are making a difference in their own communities.


The first episode will be out on February 8th.

Martine Moguem

Hi, I’m Martine Moguem and I can’t wait to show you how nature is proving a powerful tool in the fight against climate change.


In our new podcast., Nature Answers: Rural stories from a changing planet, we are traveling to communities in Uganda and Ghana to meet the people on the front lines of climate change. 


We will share the stories of how they’re thriving using lessons learned from nature.


You will hear from people like Betty….


Betty Achen

The ecosystems were there. Frog, fish…


Martine Moguem

Whose community has been so successful that even the deadly snakes are coming back. 


And people like John…. 


John Kaganga

This tree is the mother of these types of trees in the whole of this area.


Martine Moguem

Who single handedly started an environmental protection group in his home town. 


And they’re not alone. 


These are the people learning from nature… about how to protect nature. 


And good news… It’s working!


The first season of Nature Answers begins February 8th. 


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This podcast is produced thanks to funding from the Government of Canada and in partnership with the Carleton School of Journalism. 

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