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Our work in


Kenya has a highly liberalized, dynamic and multilingual media environment, with more than a hundred radio stations broadcasting in a range of languages. We began working there in 2014 in and around the Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps on radio programs promoting girl-child education, in partnership with WUSC. We also ran a highly successful research-for-development project supported by IDRC on the cultivation and sale of common beans, setting the foundation for our work with private companies that source product from small-scale farmers. Currently, we are working with the Rockefeller Foundation and Technoserve on an innovative behaviour-change project focused on post-harvest loss in the mango value chain. With our new office within the Kenya Community Media Network (KCOMNET) headquarters in Nairobi, we now have a solid homebase for our future work in Kenya.

Our reach


24 million potential listeners

By combining radio coverage maps with population density information, we estimate that our partner stations in Kenya have a combined potential audience of more than 24 million people.



Feature projects

Feature publications

2017 | Project Brief

Radio that works for women smallholders in Uganda and Kenya

2017 | Research Report

Communicating science for impact: radio for reaching farmers with research results

2016 | Project Report

African Rural Radio Program Analysis (ARRPA): Understanding the state of farmer radio programming in sub-Saharan Africa

Country snapshot

146th on the Human Development Index

49, 699, 862 total population

73.5% rural population

38% employment in agriculture

39% rural access to electricity

74% women’s literacy rate

Source: UNDP, World Bank

Staple crops

Maize, wheat, barley, beans, rice, sorghum, millet, beans, potatoes, bananas

Our work in Kenya

14 Broadcasting partners

1999 First broadcasting partner joined

2018 Country office opened

2014 First radio project


Shalom House off Ngong Road, St. Daniel, Comboni Road.

PO Box 2641 - 00100, Nairobi, Kenya

Tel/Fax: +254.721.157.181


Project broadcast languages

Somali, Luo

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