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Launching Barza Wire: Same great stories with a new name

Farm Radio International has been serving farm radio broadcasters for 35 years, providing them with valuable agricultural advice and tips on creating an impactful broadcast.
In December 2007, FRI introduced a weekly news service to provide broadcasters with news from across Africa. Farm Radio Weekly included news stories relevant to small-scale farmers, many written by freelancers paid by FRI to gather these important stories. Every year, 44 issues of Farm Radio Weekly are circulated, ensuring a reliable source of news.
This weekly news service is distributed to over 2,000 radio broadcasters. Some read the stories in their news broadcast, while others use them as inspiration for their own stories. They take the stories to their community and explore the issues with their listeners. Radio broadcasters help ensure these stories reach millions of farmers.
In December 2014, Farm Radio Weekly was rebranded and renamed Barza Wire, bringing it into the Barza community. Barza is a social community for broadcasters — a place where they can access and share stories, as well as get advice and training. It is also a central hub for broadcasters to access resources to help them with their work. Our scripts and training documents are accessible through Barza and it is the site of valuable e-discussions on important agricultural topics.
Barza Wire is the news service, providing the stories once found in Farm Radio Weekly. Check out the new website!
We are crowdfunding resources to expand Barza Wire’s reporting, hoping to bring another original farmer story to each issue. This will allow farmers’ stories to be heard and provide African journalists with paid work. Check out the campaign!