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With the majority of Mozambique’s population living in rural areas, agriculture is the mainstay of the country’s economy. Unfortunately, rural citizens typically lack access to infrastructure, markets, and public services — with the exception of radio, that is. Although there is only one official language (Portuguese), Mozambique is a highly multilingual country, with many radio stations — including a growing number of community-based ones — broadcasting in a range of languages and dialects. We began working in Mozambique in 2015 on a project with NCBA CLUSA (funded by the USAID Feed The Future program) focused on delivering agricultural e-extension support through a range of media, including radio.

Our reach


400,000+ potential listeners

By combining radio coverage maps with population density information, we estimate that our partner stations in Mozambique have a combined potential audience of more than 400,000 people.



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Feature publications

2016 | Brochure

Getting results with interactive radio

2016 | Thematic Brief

Thematic briefing note: Promoting gender equality through knowledge and information

2016 | Thematic Brief

Thematic briefing note: Cultivating farmer resilience to climate change

Country snapshot

185th on the Human Development Index

32,969,518 total population

62% rural population

70% employment in agriculture

4% rural access to electricity

54% women’s literacy rate

Source: UNDP, World Bank

Staple crops

Maize, rice, cassava, sorghum, legumes

Our work in Mozambique

24 Broadcasting partners

2016 First broadcasting partner joined

2016 Country office opened

2016 First radio project


Catherine Mloza Banda
Senior Program Officer, East & Southern Africa

Rex Chapota
Senior Advisor, Strategy and Growth

Project broadcast languages

Portuguese, Macua, Chimanhica, Nyanja, Lomué

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Uliza Live

Uliza Live

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Participatory Radio Campaign

Community Listening Group

Community Listening Group