Escape for a good cause

Join us to play Taken: The Swiss Account at Escape Manor. 

Use promo code FRI21 and donate $5 to our cause.

What is this?

From March 4 to 14, Farm Radio International is teaming up with Escape Manor to offer a unique online escape room experience. Use promo code FRI21 to play Taken: The Swiss Account at Escape Manor and Farm Radio will receive $5 from every team registration ($29.99 per team). If you haven't already, find a group of four to sign up and play online.

Can you find the Farm Radio Easter egg? We've hidden a special clue somewhere in the game. Find the four digits needed below, and we'll enter you in a draw to win a free pass to Escape Manor's second virtual escape room!

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Your mission:

Fresh out of the academy, you are a rookie detective looking to make an impact. You've just been informed a high-ranking UN official has been kidnapped in your hometown and the UN has requested help from local authorities. After a quick briefing from your Sergeant, you set out to solve this high profile case. You know this case could catapult your career and it's rumored that INTERPOL will offer a job to the person that safely returns the official.

How to play

  • Sign up to play Taken: The Swiss Acount at
  • Use FRI21 as your promo code and $5 from your purchase will be donated
  • You will need internet access.
  • You can purchase now and play later.
  • There is no time limit. Average play time is 60-90 minutes.
  • Can be played on desktop or mobile, but desktop is preferred.
  • Ideal for up to 4 players.
  • Can be played virtually using a video conferencing app.
  • You'll need an email address.
  • Access to LinkedIn, Spotify, Facebook, and Instagram accounts are required.
  • Great for family ages 13 and up

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