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Nature Answers: Rural stories from a changing planet

Nature Answers is a podcast from Farm Radio International that shares stories from rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa, where some of the most vulnerable people on earth are turning to nature for solutions to a changing climate. And it’s working!

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Episode 2

How can mangoes grow economies and limit wind damage

Episode 1

        What do trees have to do with rain?                                             


Introducing 'Nature Answers: Rural Stories from a Changing Planet'

What are Nature-based Solutions

Nature-based Solutions for climate change adaptation community-oriented approaches to climate change. They are methods that use the power of nature to address climate-change related threats and benefit communities at the same time — for example, something like planting trees can be used to not only stabilize muddy slopes along stream beds preventing erosion, but they filter water, prevent flooding or landslides, and, as an added benefit to communities when fruit can be harvested from the trees to benefit local economies.

Who is farm radio international

Farm Radio International is an international non-governmental organization that uses the two most accessible technologies in the world — radio and mobile phones — to improve the lives of rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa. Through dialogue, story-telling, knowledge-sharing and amplifying voices from those communities, we aim to help create vibrant, prosperous and just rural communities. 

On Air for Gender-Inclusive Nature-based Solutions

Farm Radio International is working with 200 radio stations in Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Uganda and Zambia to share the stories of rural communities already using nature to adapt to climate change. Our hope is that the stories and lessons learned by those communities will inspire their neighbours to take action and use Nature-based Solutions themselves. The stories in Nature Answers come from these communities and are also being shared in documentaries produced by broadcasters in those communities. More on the project, here.

The team

Nature Answers is made in partnership with Carleton University's School of Journalism. Journalism students from the school were hired to spend 2-3 months in Ghana and Uganda in 2023 to conduct interviews and tell these stories in partnership with Ghanaian and Ugandan broadcasters and Farm Radio International's Ghanaian and Ugandan staff members. 

Our Host
Martine Moguem

Martine Moguem

Martine Moguem is highly dedicated and passionate communicator. With a background in the field of Communication for Development, she brings her passions for youth, health, advocacy and rural communities to her work with Farm Radio International. Based in Cameroon, Martine says her favourite memory of being in nature was farming maize, vegetables, paw paw, mangoes and okra with her mother in her hometown. 

Our production team
Tara Sprickerhoff
Tara Sprickerhoff

Executive Producer & Editor

Tara Sprickerhoff is an award winning journalist and communications professional. Whether it's finding interesting ways of talking about orange-fleshed sweet potatoes in Ghana, or covering British Columbian wildfires while evacuated herself, Tara looks to centre humans in her storytelling. A graduate of Carleton University School of Journalism, Tara's first foray into the world of journalism was working with Farm Radio International in Ghana.  Her favourite place to go in nature is the sand dunes at the top of Farwell Canyon in the grasslands of the BC Interior. 

Christian Robillard
Christian Robillard

Audience Development

Christian is an award-winning philanthropist who began his career handing out donation letters at BGC Ottawa. He previously hosted Beyond the Bake Sale and now works with organizations to use podcasting to advance their social missions with his firm Purpose Podcasting.  In the community, Christian serves in various leadership roles with Algonquin College's radio broadcast program, Carleton's philanthropy and nonprofit leadership program, United Way East Ontario, the Ottawa Community Foundation and Youth Ottawa. He's most at home in nature while hitting the slopes in the Rocky Mountains.

Charles Tah
Charles Tah

Nature-based Solutions project lead

Charles is the project delivery lead for the On-Air for Gender-Inclusive Nature-based Solutions project for Farm Radio International. With great passion and commitment to Communication for Development, he supports Farm Radio's work in partnerships, program development and implementation in Africa. Charles has worked in project management positions across various development organisations in Africa. Most of his past work promoted business models in development, supporting rural communities engage with relevant market players, including financial institutions, rural and urban buyers, agro processing enterprises and technical partners to enhance smallholder agribusiness and livelihoods.

Sareme Gebre
Sareme Gebre

Nature-based Solutions Advisor

Sareme Gebre is responsible for providing expert knowledge on Nature-based Solutions. Prior to her work with Farm Radio, Sareme worked in the areas of international trade; environmental economics; public policy in developing countries; corporate social responsibility; aid effectiveness and extractive industries. She has a background working in environment and policy. Sareme holds a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development (Institute of Economics and Management, University of Nantes, France), a Master’s degree in Environmental Economics (University of Bordeaux, France), a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Development (Toulouse School of Economics) and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics (University of Toulouse, France).

Carleton Producers

Alex Dines

Alex Dines is a master's of journalism student at Carleton University. Born and raised in Vancouver, she completed her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature at the University of British Columbia in 2022. She is currently working on her master's research project about how formerly incarcerated women are reconnecting with their children and the challenges they face. Outside of journalism Alex enjoys listening to music, working out and exploring new places. This experience not only improved her journalism skills, but also taught her about how different people live, work and move through the world.

Farm Radio International Ghana visited the community of Gagbiri, a few kilometres outside of Garu, to learn about their Nature-based Solutions. In Ghana on Wednesday, August 16, 2023. L. MANUEL BAECHLIN / FARM RADIO INTERNATIONAL

Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards is a masters candidate in journalism at Carleton University's School of Journalism and Communications. Chris has held various positions in government, the NGO sphere, and the tech industry. Over the course of several years out of school he developed a passion for long form journalism. Chris is most interested in climate reporting. He dreams of reporting on crucial climate change developments in person, both at UN climate conferences and on the ground in countries suffering the impacts of the climate crisis.”

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Liam Baker

Liam Baker is second year Masters of Journalism student from Carleton University. Originally from Barrie, Ontario, he spends his free time making music, playing basketball and finding new hobbies. During the summer of 2023, he joined the Farm Radio team in Uganda as a journalism intern. As part of that time, he says he "was able to meet many inspiring people and gain experiences I never before dreamed I would have."

Farm Radio International Ghana’s L. Manuel Baechlin visited the community of Shelanyili to learn about their Nature-based Solutions. In Ghana on Friday, August 18, 2023. CHRIS EDWARDS / FARM RADIO INTERNATIONAL

Manuel Baechlin

Manuel Baechlin is a filmmaker, journalist and photographer whose work has been published by the Canadian Journalism Forum, the Toronto Star, CBS Broadcasting Inc., Maclean’s, CBC and others. He graduated from Carleton University’s School of Journalism with a combined honours in film studies and a Rogers Communications Award in Television Journalism. Manuel spent the summer of 2023 as a journalism intern at Farm Radio International’s Ghana office.

Farm Radio International Ghana spoke with Ahianyo Gabriel in Dzita Agbledomi community to learn more about how they have navigated a rapidly changing climate. It is part of a Nature-based Solutions podcast project. In Ghana on Tuesday, August 22, 2023. L. MANUEL BAECHLIN / FARM RADIO INTERNATIONAL

Morgana Abdy

Morgana Abdy is a community news reporter and a recent graduate of journalism at Carleton University. She is interested in documenting social issues in local and global contexts. Morgana spent the summer of 2023 working in Ghana as a journalism intern with Farm Radio International.

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This podcast is produced thanks to funding from the Government of Canada and in partnership with the Carleton School of Journalism. 

in partnership with canada
in partnership with canada

For those French speakers out there, stay tuned for French stories of Nature-based Solutions coming soon to a podcast app near you!

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