New program helps Ethiopian farmers increase yields of traditional grain

High in protein, iron, and fibre, tef is a tiny grain that serves as a nutritional powerhouse in Ethiopia. This traditional crop accounts for about a quarter of grain production in the country. A new Farm Radio International program will help Ethiopian farmers boost production of this vital crop.

The Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency has tested new farming practices that can increase tef yields by 50-100%. These practices include innovative planting techniques, new blends of fertilizers, and the use of improved seeds. Farm Radio International is working with local radio stations to share knowledge on these improved practices for cultivating tef. An estimated 60,000 farmers will be receiving this information over the airwaves.

To read more about other new radio programs that will improve food security and health, check out some upcoming Farm Radio International Impact Programs – programs that have a specific impact on a development challenge – by clicking here. You will find updates on programs about expanding aquaculture in Malawi, improving maternal, newborn, and child health in Burkina Faso; and helping farmers improve soil health in Tanzania. Read the spring issue of Network News for these exciting updates.

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