Sharing our favourite World Radio Day voice messages

To celebrate World Radio Day earlier this year, we invited radio lovers from around the world to participate in a special Radio is You! Uliza poll to share how they use radio and why they love it.


The results were incredible, with 816 people from 27 countries calling in to answer the multiple-choice questions and leave a voice message in response to the question, “What is one thing that radio has done for you?”



We received 580 voice messages in a number of different languages and have been busy over the past month going through them.




Here are just a few of our favourite World Radio Day voice messages:


To listen to all of our favourite messages from the poll check out our World Radio Day 2017 playlist. Or explore the results and audio messages on the World Radio Day Uliza poll website. The circles floating around the site represent audio messages. The larger the circle, the longer the message. The stars represent favourites: ones that have been “liked.”

We hope that you enjoy listening to people around the world share why they love radio.


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