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Prisoners’ health improved by orange-fleshed sweet potatoes

October 21, 2015

Eric Mireku is the superintendent of the Ankaful Main Camp Prison near Ghana’s Cape Coast. One day, he was listening to a program on Radio Central when his attention was captured by a piece on orange-fleshed sweet potatoes, or OFSP. He was intrigued when he heard that the crop could counter symptoms of vitamin A deficiency…

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Online course will train African broadcasters to design effective programs for farmers

September 21, 2012

Jefferson Massah calls himself part of the Farm Radio International Family. As a rural radio journalist in Liberia, he uses skills that he learned from Farm Radio International training on a regular basis. In fact, Jefferson recently wrote to tell us that he was named Development Journalist of the Year by the Press Union of…

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In Ghana, the farmer’s friend is always on call

September 6, 2018

In Ghana’s Northern Region, farmers who tune into Radio Savannah 91.3 FM on Sunday evenings recognize the familiar voice of a man who is a source of vital information and a link to expert knowledge. But they also recognize the voice of their friend, Amadu Malik. “If you visit most of the communities in the…

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Double despair in Ethiopia: Drought and then the damaging Fall armyworm

October 10, 2017

Karen Hampson, right, walks through lush, green fields near Sodo, in southern Ethiopia. As I drove westward from the city of Sodo, in southern Ethiopia, the fields were lush, green, and full of a variety of crops. In the afternoon, we left to drive in the other direction, to an area where it had not…

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Broadcaster profile: Mariam and Mohamed at Abood FM

Broadcaster profile: Mariam and Mohamed at Abood FM

December 13, 2017

Broadcaster Mariam Maruzuku in the studio at Abood FM, in Morogoro. It is a long drive from Morogoro to Lungo village, first over a tarmac road, then through a market town, and finally to the village centre. The trip takes at least two hours. And from there, it’s a long walk through muddy puddles and…

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Reflecting on 2017-18 in our annual report

December 19, 2018

It was quite the year — both for Farm Radio International and for Africa’s farmers. While much has happened since the end of March 2018 (our annual report covers from March 2017 and March 2018), we’re excited to reflect on our successes and challenges in 2017-18 as we look towards 2019. In rural Africa, 2017…

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Learning Tour visits the Hanger

On the road with Farm Radio International: Highlights from the Discover Tanzania tour

May 10, 2017

Discover Tanzania learning tour participants visit The Hangar to learn about the innovative ways that Farm Radio is combining radio and other technologies. In February 2017, 14 Farm Radio supporters had the chance to go on the road with us as part of our first-ever learning tour to Tanzania. The tour gave participants a unique opportunity…

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Matilda Amoah: 2019 George Atkins Communications Award Winner

February 11, 2020

Matilda Amoah, of Todays FM in Ghana is one of the 2019 George Atkins Communications Award Winners for excellence in farm radio broadcasting.

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Broadcaster interviews a farmer in ethiopia with onions faded in the foreground

Filling the void: How radio is serving farmers in Ethiopia during the pandemic

May 14, 2021

When COVID-19 made face-to-face extension impossible, Ethiopia’s Ministry of Agriculture called on Farm Radio International to design interactive extension programs to support farmers during the pandemic.

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Audio postcard: Quality Protein Maize — It’s protein with a punch

April 13, 2015

Before they began growing quality protein maize (QPM), many parents in the area of Nyabugando, Western Uganda, saw symptoms of sickness in their children. It was common to see little ones with swelled and bloated bellies. They weren’t getting enough to eat, and they weren’t eating enough of the right foods. Nyabugando Listeners’ Group said…

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