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Community Listening Groups

Playing their part: Men work towards improving women’s health

October 1, 2019

Male community listening groups in Burkina Faso are listening to radio programs together, and discussing how they can play their part in improving women’s health.

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Evelyn Balozi, winner of the 2023 George Atkins Communication Award

February 21, 2023

Evelyn Balozi is a winner of the 2023 George Atkins Communication Award. Evelyn has served in many roles, including producer, presenter, acting station manager and marketing officer at Utume FM in Tanzania.

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The Listening Post: Raising the voice of farmers

November 24, 2015

“What if?” is the question that opens the doors of possibility. For years Farm Radio International has used radio to interact with farming families, using their voices and experiences to inform others. We asked “What if we turned the process on its head and used interactive radio to let farmers inform decision-makers, development organizations and…

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On Air Dialogues: Listening to — and learning from — rural people

April 27, 2023

On Air Dialogues are an innovative type of radio programming, which use mobile phone-based polling to bring rural voices into national and global conversations about critical issues like food security, nutrition, health and climate change.

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The Case for Radio-on-Demand in Africa

September 2, 2010

Over the past few weeks Farm Radio International was fortunate enough to be covered in a great article by Melissa Ulbricht (@melissaulbricht) on both Mobile Active and the MediaShift Idea Lab blog on  The article looked into what we believe is a very exciting application of newer technologies to tried and true radio in…

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Q&A: PhotoSymphony composer Andrew Forde on music for plants and the power of audio

May 24, 2023

Composer Andrew Forde spoke to us about the inspiration for PhotoSymphony, an original piece of music made specifically for plants. Learn about his composition process and the science behind music that helps plants grow.

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Her Voice on Air: Speaking up and fighting drought in Ethiopia

May 26, 2016

FRI’s Karen Hampson (right) interviews Hiwot Tirfneh (centre) and other members of the Mearenet women’s radio listening group in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia.  Nine women surround Hiwot, the leader of the Mearenet women’s radio listening group. Their group, which means equality in Amharic, regularly meets to listen to agricultural programs aired on their local radio station, Dimtsi Weyane Tigray.…

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Our work in Mali

September 19, 2018

Political unrest and insecurity in Mali in recent years has made radio an even more critical source of information and dialogue, as internal conflict often results in reduced public services. Working in Mali remains a challenge due to security concerns, but we are proud to have maintained our presence there since 2007. In fact, Bamako…

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Our work in Ethiopia

September 18, 2018

Ethiopia is home to some of our most popular radio programs. Given the country’s large population (the second largest in Africa) and strong public service broadcasting system, the programs we have supported there have reached tens of millions of people. Our projects in Ethiopia have focused on diverse topics, from the production of teff to…

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Top 10 highlights from 2023

December 19, 2023

Find out our top moments and stories from 2023.

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